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12 de Enero, 2012 · Turismo

Find Cheap Tickets to New York City and Save Your Cash for the Good Stuff! by Chad Stetson

New York City is without a doubt one of the most exciting cities in the world. Its diversity, energy, and nonstop action make it a truly exhilarating place to be. However, getting into the city can be a hassle!


You can save yourself some trouble by taking public transportation to New York instead of driving. However, you don't want to blow all your money on train, plane, or bus tickets. If you're heading to New York City, make sure you take the time to find cheap tickets. This will require some research, but it will be worth it when you're shopping on Fifth Avenue or buying tickets to a Broadway show!


Before you research cheap tickets, however, you'll need to pick what mode of transportation works best for you. You can travel to New York by plane, train, or car from anywhere in the United States.  Here is an overview of each of these travel options.



Millions of people travel into New York City each day, and many are commuters who arrive by train. Rail transit isn’t just for those who work in the city, however -- you can visit NYC by train from anywhere in the United States. A train may not always be the cheapest way to get to New York, but it's a pleasant, scenic way to travel. You can bring your own food on board, and also move about freely.

To secure the best rates on commuter or Amtrak trains, make sure that you travel during off-peak hours. You'll find cheaper tickets if you travel during the middle of the day rather than during rush hour. The Amtrak New York Penn Station is located on 34th St, near 7th Ave, conveniently close to many local landmarks and attractions.



A bus is by far the cheapest way to get to New York City. You'll travel more slowly than if you were on a plane or train, but you'll also find incredibly cheap tickets. If you're traveling from New England or the Mid-Atlantic region, buses to New York are particularly accessible. You can choose from among traditional buses, commuter buses, and shuttle buses, each of which will land you in the heart of New York City's action. For the cheapest tickets, take one of the "Chinatown buses" -- Fung Wah or Lucky Star. One-way tickets on these buses can cost as little as ten dollars.



Planes are by far the most popular way of traveling to New York City. They're convenient, fast, and traffic-free. Of course, with added convenience and speed comes added cost -- to some extent. If you're searching for cheap airline tickets, make sure you check the airline website first. You might find some limited-time promotion discounts that coincide with your travel dates. Be sure to check rates for flights coming into Philadelphia and D.C. airports. You could save yourself money by flying to one of these cities, then taking a bus or train to New York.

There are convenient shuttle buses that connect between airports. These buses run fairly frequently, and travel time between airports will normally be under an hour and cost as little as $13.

Whether you're traveling to New York City by bus, train, or plane, make sure you do some research and get cheap tickets. You'll be glad of the money you've saved when you're wandering around the Big Apple!

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